Countermeasures to Prevent WannaCry Ransomware


Also known as Wanna Decryptor or WCry is the fastest emerging ransomware, here we present you all possible ways to prevent it.

WannaCry, widely reported as the most significant ransomware attack to date, was first detected on Friday in Britain, crippling hospitals and doctors’ offices – and even causing some patients to be refused for treatment. It also created significant disruptions in Ukraine, India and Taiwan, France and Germany.

How to Prevent ?

A. Disable Server Message Block (SMB)

It is widely accepted that these ransomwares attack open ports of SMBs, disable SMB by following these steps :

1. Run Windows Features (found in Uninstall Programs or search)
2. Untick SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing Support
3. Restart your PC

B. Install Security Update by Microsoft

Microsoft has officially release a security update with definitions that identify vulnerable ransomware.

1. Chose your operating system and download the update
2. Install it normally and restart your PC

C. Update Windows Defender

Microsoft has also launched new definitons for Windows Defender, you may update it as :

1. Run Windows Defender
2. Go to Update Tab and click on Update button

D. Monitor your surfing and downloads

In such scenario, your browsing activities might take you into trouble, follow these steps :

1. Visit site that are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which means the sites with https
2. Do not download ANYTHING from non trusted sites

E. Backup Data

Yes, it is the right time to backup your important data, as above instructions are to prevent ransomware, not to stop it.

1. Buy an external Hard Disk Drive
2. Backup Important Data or upload on Google Drive

F. Trend micro Anti Ransomware Tool

F-1 : Lock Screen Ransomware is blocking normal mode but Safe Mode with networking is still accessible

F-2 : Lock Screen Ransomware is blocking both normal mode and safe mode with networking

Click to Download Tools

Botnet protection: a needed solution

Even without the ultimate threat of encrypting all the bots, botnets are a clear threat and present danger. Thus, both consumers and organizations should work to avoid falling victim to botnet malware.

Sure, the ultimate goal is to prevent any malware from crossing the perimeter or from executing its malicious tasks or – at the very last line of defense – containing the damage. To achieve this goal, a full range of security tools and methods should be deployed – from security training to implementing endpoint and network security solutions to data protection and backup/recovery solutions.

Ransomware is a pretty visible and painful issue; however, botnets pose a hidden threat – which, if it were ever to materialize, are quite capable of paralyzing the internet.


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